Monday, December 13, 2010

Tip of the Week: 12/13/2010

This week I want to talk about how you enter giveaways. There is one rule that you have to hold hard and fast to: Read the Entry Rules!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have had to delete entries on my other blog because someone didn't pay attention to the rules. As an entrant - I try my best to make sure that I pay attention. I have learned the hard way to always check not just the end date but the time. Sometimes it is as simple as East Coast vs. West Coast time - meaning that if it ends at midnight on the East Coast that's 9pm where I live. Other times I have come across giveaways that ends at 9 in the morning - I think it's strange, but to each blogger their own. Once you get past the timing of the giveaway look for a Mandatory Entry - about 90% of blogs have this on their giveaways and it must be completed for all other entries to count for anything. Then you want to see if they want a separate comment for each entry or if they want one comment with all of them. Giveaways are lots of fun, but they are also serious business for the hosts and sponsors, which means that they do have rules and regulations, and you have to adhere to them if you want to win. So take the extra minute or two and be sure you are doing it all correctly!


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