Monday, December 20, 2010

Tip of the Week: 12/20/2010

Sometimes you have to use giveaways to obtain things that you cannot afford to buy at any given time, or maybe you really want to give a product a try but don't want to spend the money on it. But items in giveaways are random - you can't count on something coming up in a giveaway. But you can try your best to catch it every time. Are you using Google Alerts?? If not, you are missing out on one of the greatest tools for giveaway addicts! You can actually set an alert to be emailed to you every time a blog posts about a specific topic - such as "Baby Swing Giveaway" or "Safeway Gift Card". You can set it to email each time it finds something, or once a day or once a week. You can tell it to search just blogs or the general Internet. Granted you will get some results that are not what you want, but you will get more of what you are looking for. To set up Google Alerts simply sign in to your Google account (they are free if you don't already have one) and on your main screen about halfway down you will see a link for Google Alerts, click it and set it up! It's that easy!

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