Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tip of the week: 12/28/2010

This week’s tip is actually for the Giveaway Hosts. Obviously, I enter lots of giveaways and sometimes I am really astonished by the hoops giveaway hosts expect entrants to jump through to gain entry in a giveaway. Yes I agree that the larger the prize the more intense the task but sometimes it’s ridiculous. I mean, if you are giving away a $10 item you cannot expect people to sign up for some service as a referral of yours. Sometimes I think we might forget the real purpose of a giveaway. The PR rep wants you to host the giveaway in hopes of bringing more buzz around their product/service. You are willing to host the giveaway in hopes of gaining more buzz for your blog – as well as offer your readers a chance at a cool product/service. So although the winner will get something out of it, you still have to think about what you are asking all of the entrants to give up to get it. You also want to put a lot of thought into what sorts of entries you are offering. If you are asking for a vote in a contest or on a list of some sort – you want to link directly to where they can vote for YOU! Do not just link to the sight in general, and expect someone to search and search for you so that they can vote – or offer more than one entry if they will have to do a lot of searching. If you are looking for them to sign up for something that will bring you some sort of benefit – like a finders fee – you should offer more than one entry for doing it. You also want to be very clear about the methods of entry – a great way to point out important points is to bold them or change the text color. This will draw attention and increase the odds that entrants will follow the directions.  If there will be more than one winner of the giveaway and all the winners will win the same exact thing, then you don’t really need to do anything specific. However, if the prizes are different, you want to be very clear about how the winners will be selected. Having said all this – I know (as a giveaway host on my other blogs) sometimes you just can’t win for losing. Sometimes you find a prize much more exciting and therefore valuable than others, or you think that your guidelines are uber clear and still get lots of incorrect entries. The bottomline is to put some thought and effort into how you post your giveaways.

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